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Iva McDaniels is a multidisciplinary artist. She is the author of the poetry book MOIST, a playwright, freelance spiritual/entertainment writer, and filmmaker. Her goal is to create a body of work that focuses on universal themes of connectivity. She wants to encourage her audience to believe in the fundamental truth of obtaining a better quality of life through following their heart’s desire. Her creativity is a divine service to the world and she gratefully shares it.


In this quiet state, I see myself flying above this fear
Spreading my arms, strong fists blasting through this fear
Elevating to the height of faith
Length of trust
Blossoming into an invincible butterfly
Gliding over my concerns
In my silent state, I feel achievement in my heart
Tingles of anticipation
Surrendering to victory serving among the crowd.


I am cohesive glue perfecting every imperfection
I only see wholeness
My purpose so brilliant
I help you to see the good in yourself, others and experiences
There is always good where there is always love
This love isn’t jealous
This love isn’t about anyone else, but you sweet you
It begins and ends with you
It grows and develops with you
It spreads like wildflower with you
It gets it direction from you
You sweet you are LOVE.

updated 5-2-2019






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